Welcome to CE3

Welcome to CE3! We do a ton of video content for the Halo: Custom Edition community.

Our main shows consist of the HaloMaps Update and CE3 Live. With the HaloMaps Update, we show off all of the brand new maps …

CE3 2015 Announcement

CE3 Live 2015

We’re back! Welcome to CE3 2015 Live!

At CE3 Live we have members of the Halo: Custom Edition community submit their upcoming projects to us, and we present them to thousands of livestream audiences every summer. This will be our …

CE3 Crew

As I’m sure many of you know, we (MattDratt & Slow Bullet) have been doing Halo CE3 the past five years to great success. With help from our other Halo CE3 Crew, each year of Halo CE3 just keeps getting …