Mozzarilla v0.9.2b

– Section: Applications
– Author: MosesofEgypt
– Description: This is the last version that I’ll be releasing for a while, since I’m going back to school and looking for a job. Mozzarilla is still incomplete, however it is completely capable of replacing most of Guerilla’s features right now(except previewing bitmaps and sounds). New in this version is a fully functional undo/redo system. The only thing you cant undo is importing blocks, which will warn you that it will erase your undo history. Here is a current list of the most prominent features of mozz:

– Is able to switch between creating regular tags, open sauce tags, and gametypes.

– Is able to view/edit hidden data(edit the config to enable it)

– Is able to load corrupt tags for debugging purposes.

– Can export/import blocks(pieces of a tag)

– Makes backups of tags before editing.

– Highly customizable user interface colors, widget sizes, hotkeys, etc.

– Contains a customizable undo/redo feature.

– Contains a hierarchy view for easily browsing a tags directory and loading tags.

– Allows choosing any number of tags directories and switching between them at will.

Mozzarilla also contains a few special tools for aiding in modding:

– Broken dependency scanner: For locating broken dependencies in the specified types of tags in the specified folder.

– Dependency viewer: For easily seeing which tags a tag refers to and opening any of them.

– Tag zipper: For making a zip folder containing a tag and every tag it depends on.

– Original Release Date: 1/8/17
– Size: 413kb
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You need to install Python 3.4 or higher to run Mozzarilla. Python is a virtual machine like Java; you need to install java to run java programs and python to run python programs. Python 3.5 can be downloaded here.