SPV3.0.2 – Part 1 (Open Sauce Required)

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– Section: Original Singleplayer
– Author: CMT
– Description: A revamp of the original campaign, featuring new weapons, enemies, vehicles, abilities, features and levels.
– Original Release Date: 6/25/16
– Size:
• Without Game: 1.19gb (Compressed ZIP) – 997mb (Compressed 7z) – 2.48gb (Uncompressed)
• With Game: 1.23gb (Compressed) – 2.64gb (Uncompressed)
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If you have SPV3.0.0 currently installed, download this file:
Download Patch (.ZIP 412mb) – Downloads:
If you have Halo Custom Edition already installed, simply download this file:
Download SPV3 (.ZIP 1.19gb) – Downloads:
If you don’t have Halo Custom Edition already installed, get yourself a CD Key, and download this file:
Download SPV3 + HCE Game (.ZIP 1.19gb) – Downloads:

SPV3 is the culmination of a vision that was started over 10 years ago, to revamp the original Halo campaign with features and ideas from later games, expanded fiction, and cut content originally envisioned for Halo CE. With a strong emphasis of preserving the addictive and tuned gameplay of the original, and a stellar Legendary difficulty, SPV3 focuses extensively on retaining that Halo CE feel.

SPV3 makes use of Open Sauce, a community-made game extension that enables many new features, from upgraded visuals to new gameplay mechanics. Open Sauce is required to play SPV3 the map can’t exist without it. Open Sauce can be found both on our subreddit as well as bundled with your SPV3 mod content download.

Open Sauce 4.0 requires a properly-installed copy of Halo Custom Edition, updated to 1.10. See the installation guide if you don’t know how to get these.

We highly suggest all players, no matter how experienced they are begin the game with Pillar of Autumn, as there are so many new features and additions. Each level introduces you to new abilities, weapons, enemies and vehicles, and you will be overwhelmed simply jumping into what may have been your previously favorite map. We also highly suggest you not play Noble Difficulty until completing SPV3 on Legendary, as it is a new even harder experience that will test even the most seasoned Halo and SPV3 players.

Change Log
-Terminals Revised
-Cinematic music lowered.
-Updated Gungoose physics.
-Made a change to rocket hog gunner AI which should reduce accidental deaths.
-Increased DMR damage vs Elite and Brute shields.
-Warthog bullets reduced damage vs other vehicles.
-Gold Elite shield strength boosted.
-Downgraded fuel rod explosion particles for better performance.
-Updated text in Skulls menu to reflect changes + notice of controller support, FOV change, and other info.
-Shadow HP reduced.
-Removed taunting behavior from Rocket Launcher marines… so they don’t fire at the ground and kill themselves.
-Changed time of doublespeed and renamed to “Reflexes Enhanced”
-Focus Rifle zoom levels adjusted
-Powerups now tell you how many seconds they last.
-Brute Shot posing animation fixed.
-Gungoose passenger animations has been improved.
-Shredder firing sound volume reduced
-Removed a Focus Rifle melee animation that should have not been included.
-AR firing and reload sound volume has been increased.
-Fixes to Keyes’s model.
-Particle Carbine display has been improved.
-Spec Ops SMG HUD now says “2x” while zooming.
-Added video tutorial link to readme.
-Gravity grenades should not “fly” in rare instances.
-Fixed broken controller support link in readme (that’s this document!).
-Plasma grenades now do extra damage when stuck to vehicles.
-Fixed dev text glitch on all missions.
-Improved gungoose physics when dropped by Pelicans.
-Ghost boost removed.
-Overall stability improved.
-Changed default motion blue amount. (We still advise all players to play without it)
-Fixed a mispelling when picking up the Mantis Skull.
-Void’s Tear gravity effect now uses the updated system for the gravity grenades. (no more flying!)
-Fixed the Specop Sniper rifle from saying “Loading… done” instead of displaying picked up ammo.
-Made edit to Plasma Rifle animations.
-Fixed a bug that didn’t let all of Cortana’s shaders display.
-Addressed an issue that could potentially mess with the Specop BR firing 4 bullets at once.
Pillar of Autumn
-Made main window in Sub engine room in POA always have a broken window.
-Fixed a bad checkpoint after you first get the Reflex Enhancer powerup.
-Fixed a rare issue where players could have reflexive damage effects if quitting after opening cutscene.
-Placed a door that was missing.
-fixed a crooked display board in new area.
-Swapped ammo packets for DMR and made them DMR ammo boxes.
-Moon Skull does not show up on normal and heroic anymore.
-Fixed clipped barrel at Covenant Datapad #1.
-Fixed the first Covenant Datapad being labeled as the second.
-Fixed an issue where you could be pushed through the map after seeing the lifepods being destroyed.
-Removed testmap area to save space on file size.
-Removed unfinished destroyable computer banks.
-Fixed misplaced bashable door.
-Added some crates to ladders that are unclimbable so players don’t get confused.
-Fixed Covenant sounds not playing in one of their boarding craft.
-Fixed an issue with color weights on the bulletin boards.
-Fixed an oxygen tank intersecting a wall. `
-Fixed an issue where the top of alpha base would report area clear before all AI are dead, and not show navpoint.
-fixed an issue in Halo where the alpha base ammo cache rear door would be open even if front door wasn’t bashed in.
-AA wraith in Halo starts with lower health.
-Removed old button press promt at a radio antenna.
-Fixed a broken string entry for the AA Wraith
-Mantis Skull does not show up on normal and heroic anymore and challenge encounter can no longer be “skipped”.
-Made first phantom in halo take off soon as it deploys it’s troops.
-Second warthog navpoint fixed.
Truth and Reconciliation
-Restored a line of dialog that rarely played in the original game.
-Phantom won’t be called in if player if the wraith is occupied at the gravlift.
-If Pelican flies in the grav lift area, banshee waves are activated.
-Moved an object players were not supposed to see further way so it can’t be seen with VISR.
The Silent Cartographer Classic
-Added final lightmaps that didn’t render in time for initial release.
-Made a fix to security cutscene where the BSP didn’t load correctly.
The Silent Cartographer Evolved
-Removed egg on TSC:E hidden by Evolved team. (Sorry about that 343! We love you!)
-Made some adjustments to placement of Covenant torches.
-Fixed a log intersecting a rock.
-Fixed an uplink crate that intersected the cliff.
-Added more marines for beach assault.
Assault on the Control Room
-Improved effect optimization on AOTCR
-Fixed a crash in AOTCR when going up the elevator.
-Made ending AOTCR change difficulty and start you back at the start of the game once completed.
-Fixed missing control panels in lightbridge cave.

Archived Downloads:
Download Mod (.ZIP 1.19gb) – Downloads:
Download Mod (.7z 997mb) – Downloads:
Download Mod and Halo CE Base Game Installer (.RAR 1.23gb) – Downloads: