Note: This also contains behind the scenes deadlines
July 23rd - Hog Derby Duels Preview
July 27th - Final Stream of LiveStream is rendered and uploaded
July 27th - 2 Days Left Preview!
July 28th - 1 Day Left Preview!
July 28th - The Livestream is given to M16 Assault to stream
July 28th - The Livestream is rendered at 720p for youtube and then upload begins right after
July 29th at 1am EDT - Tonight! Preview goes online
July 29th at 3:55pm EDT - The Livestream begins
July 29th at 5:15pm EDT - The Livestream ends? (not final time)
July 29th at 5:30pm EDT - All trailers/gameplay videos on youtube
July 29th at 5:30pm EDT - Release 1 SP map, Release 1 Demo map
July 30th (or earlier) - CE3 2012 Livestream is up on youtube
August 6th - All extended interviews on youtube