Last Updated July 15 2012
What is Halo CE3?
CE3 is to show off and spotlight new content for Halo Custom Edition.
How can I submit my project for CE3?
Click the Submit a Project button at the top!
What can I submit for CE3?
You can submit screenshots, map files, videos, or anything CE related! Most people usally submit gameplay videos or trailers of their maps.
Where can I upload my files?
We recommend sites like Mediafire or Dropbox, but any file hosting website can do!
How long to have to submit something to CE3 2012?
You have until July 17th to submit something into CE3 2012.
When does CE3 2012 air live?
CE3 2012 airs live July 29th 2012 at 4pm EDT.
Will the stream air again?
You can watch everything on youtube after the show airs!
The date and time that CE3 airs isn't good for me, can you change it?
CE3 2012 is airing at a time that will accumulate the most live views. You can rewatch CE3 on youtube after the show.
I missed the livestream, can I watch it again?
You can watch the livestream again on youtube July 30th.