Blender .gbxmodel importer v0.5.1 (WIP)

– Section: Applications
– Author: Fulsam, based off code by Adam Papamarcos (TheGhost)
– Description: –INSTRUCTIONS–

Beginning with this version (v0.5.0), the importer is now a standard blender addon that can be installed via the following:

1. Download and unzip the .py file to wherever.
2. Open up blender, and go to File > User Preferences
3. Go to Addons.
4. At the bottom of the user preferences window, hit the button that says “Install from file”
5. Navigate to wherever you put the .py file.
6. Scroll up, and where it says “Import-Export: Gbxmodel Importer”, and hit the checkbox all the way to the right, enabling the addon.
7. Click “Save user settings” if you want the addon to be active every time you start blender.
– Original Release Date: 5/1/16
– Size: 7kb
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