Halo Animation Editor Updated

– Section: Applications
– Author: Kornman00
– Description: This is Kornman00’s long lost updated .model_animation tag editor, found in the remnents of an old hard drive amongst bloodgulch mod-tier tags. Like a rare trading card, it was passed around the internet between people who probably ended up taking it with them to the grave (left CE modding). You are now in possession of a relic whose very existance was in question and debated over since its conception on November 21st, 2004. Stand proud, for with this tool you can only do good, and good will only come to you.

The version hosted on halomaps.org for all these years has been known to crash when trying to inject more than a single animation between tags. This version does not have this issue, and can even keep the target animation’s checksum when replacing animations with the checkbox at the bottom. Thread discussing the find: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=49253. It could have useful tips found by users, or could be completely barren since it has a stupid title.
All credit goes to Kornman00 for this useful tool. Still waiting on those nifty features promised though.
-Juicy Frank
– Original Release Date: 4/6/16
– Size: 63kb
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