Mo’s Editing Kit Essentials (MEKE)

– Section: Applications
– Author: MosesofEgypt
– Description: BREAKING NEWS: The MEK now has a special “Essentials” edition which contains JUST Refinery, Mozzarilla, and Pool. The reason for this? IT DOESNT REQUIRE PYTHON! These are executables with python built into them. The installer will install everything needed, create shortcuts on the desktop with “Run as admin” already set, and even includes the bitmap accelerator modules.

The MEKE is only for 64bit Windows, and does not include the rest of the things in the MEK. The MEK won’t be going anywhere, but now there is a “slim” version for anyone who had trouble getting Mozzarilla, Refinery, or Pool to run or ran into permission issues.

Also, hope you all like the icons. Jesse made the one for Pool, and I spent the last few days coming up with and making the others. About time I replaced those friggen feathers…….
– Original Release Date: 1/27/18
– Size: 7.73mb
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