Open Sauce 4.0 for Halo: CE 1.0.10

– Section: Applications
– Author: Kornman00, TheFieryScythe, ChokingVictim
– Description: An add on to Halo: Custom Edition version 1.0.10. Allows the use and creation of .YELO files.

Notable additions
– Directional Lightmaps Diffuse and Specular – Using the process outlined here you can use directional lightmaps in your maps for normal mapped static lighting.
– Soft Particles – Your particles can now be soft and cuddly.
– Lightmap and Sky Switching – You can set up multiple lightmap and sky sets to switch between using Halo script.
– Actor Variant Transforms – Based on a variety of criteria you can make actors change into other types of actor.
– Unit Boarding – You can now set up all vehicle boarding types seen in later Halo games, with the flexibility to do new things too.
– In-Game UI – Your OS settings can now be changed in-game using a new UI system which you can access with F7.
– Running on Halo v1.10 – Speaks for itself really, we’ve update OpenSauce to target Halo CE 1.10.
– Fixes – There have been a variety of fixes, which you can read about in the OpenSauce readme.
– Original Release Date: 3/2/15
– Size: 10.2mb
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