us vs mx snow gulch

– Section: Modified Multiplayer
– Author: Pro Shooter
– Description: I got bored of playing bloodgulch with the same old scerery, so i got creative with a couple of programs i used on this mod. Adobe Photoshop, HHT, HMT, Sparkedit, Eschaton 0.8, Hex Editor, and lots of hours LOL 🙂
This map is fun to play, it’s based on USA (red team) vs Mexico (blue team). The players carry 3 weapons including energy sword , the warthog driver’s fire weapons, mongoose vehicles swaped for turrets, teleports to cliffs in places marked with gold pistols.
When new game starts, be the first one in the cave and kill the bot, take his assault on noobs gun and go crazy on noobs 🙂
– Original Release Date: 12/8/16
– Map Name:
– Size: 42mb
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