Dissolution Public Beta

– Section: Original Multiplayer
– Author: Ganon
– Description: My main goal here was to create a map where gameplay is the top design priority, and visuals are intended to reflect the quirky flaws of the stock maps. Much of this map was created piecing together some of my favorite parts of Halo’s stock maps into a “supermap” and acts as a spiritual remake to Sidewinder if anything. The design involved condensing the real estate and “no man’s land” of the stock maps to deliver a more action packed experience. At the moment, the map is only playable on CTF and slayer, CTF being the primary gametype in mind when I designed it. Much like the name of the thread suggests, I want you guys to try to break my map and critique it from all standpoints.
Halomaps thread discussion.
– Original Release Date: 1/2/17
– Map Name: dissolution.map
– Size: 13mb
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