– Section: Multiplayer
– Author: Juanjgp
– Description: New map for Halo CE with Halo Reach style weapons and some easter eggs.

About: Symmetrically designed map, provides spaces for players to have the same attack and defense capabilities, includes an overboard in the center to attract players to combat
both teams in case of team play, the default weapons are Halo Reach giving a fresh touch.

History: In the depth of installation 04 is a small excavation furerruner probably to create new facilities, indications of this were the small altars arranged at the ends of the excavation and the portals that would probably interconnect with surrounding facilities, the disappearance of its creators life within the place has diversified resulting in a large variety of trees.

Recommendation: The map is perfect to play killer or CFT, preferably 2 to 6 players. Accepts all types of game.

– Original Release Date: 1/29/18
– Map Name: exifera.map
– Size: 24mb
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