– Section: Multiplayer
– Author: muffinman496
– Description: A semetrical map with both indoor and outdoor playspace made for vehicle and on foot combat

About: After lurking on the halmaps site downloading tutorials and scouring the forums for help on issues, my map is finally ready for release. While this Isn’t the first map I’ve made it is the first that I’ve published, and the one I’m most proud of.
The overall feel and design of the map is an Oni outpost that was built on an existing forunner facility to research forunner technology at the site.
My thought process when creating the map was to create a symetrical indoor map that transitioned into an outdoor area that allowed for vehicles without one area feeling to dominant.
Have fun searching for a hidden flamethrower that I have hidden on the map, it is obtainable and a lot of fun to use.
So Thanks for Downloading my map, hope you have as much fun playing on it as I did creating it.

Thanks: Thanks to bombbadcharly for helping with suggestions during the design phase and for playtesting the map.
– Original Release Date: 11/29/18
– Map Name: oni.map
– Size: 9.7mb
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