Designation Wintersmith

– Section: Modified Singleplayer
– Author: Jobalisk
– Description: An intense single player mission set on a forerunner construct.

This is a rehash of the origonal Wintersmith campagin maps. It consists now of a single map file that plays out the entire campaign.
Fight your way through a miriad of foes as you slowly discover the mystery of the mysterious forerunner structure known as Wintersmith.
Use a massive array of weapons and vechiles from right across the Halo franchise and experience halo from the perspective of a marine.

This map is pretty open world, if things don’t work at first try another way round.
Also remember to use all the weapons at your disposal. (Ie, the smg and battle rifle at the drop zone.)
Marine animations mean throwing grenades is a bit delayed.
Marines actually have more health than the MC, about the equivalent of the MC’s health plus shield
Some wraiths (but not all) are drivable.
If your using open sauce it tends to sacle the ui a bit weird on this map.
To fix that press f7 then untick the check box “scale ui” on the second page to fix it.
– Original Release Date: 4/20/17
– Map Name:
– Size: 102mb
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