Firefight Descent: Quarantine

– Section: Singleplayer Maps
– Author: MoooseGuy, Pepzee, Gamma927, Goldkilla88, Choclate Thunda, Spiral, Spartan314
– Description: Welcome to Firefight Descent: Quarantine.

Firefight Descent: Quarantine is not your average firefight. Building upon the original Firefight Descent, a vicious enemy has been introduced into firefight that has rarely been seen before.

“Firefight Descent has been quarantined. Days after the disappearance of your ODST squad the UNSC ordered all forces to evacuate the area. Now, the UNSC has decided to send in another ODST strike team to uncover how the last mission went so horribly wrong… Prepare to drop.”
– Original Release Date: 9/1/19
– Map Name:
– Size: 141mb


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