Operation Purgepoint Demo V3

– Section: Singleplayer
– Author: rcghalohell/DarkBlade Industries
– Description: operation purgepoint is my first big project for halo custom edition, when i was making this i had the legendary difficulty in mind, i wanted to put in a challenge, so the ai are slightly more populated, and more deadly. this story follows no lore at all, and may not follow actual halo storyline. purely fan-made. i have included my first map in this collection since i ran the intro off it, once completed, it plays the next level. keep in mind i made battlesidegulch_sp my first map ever and was my tutorial map, so it has many flaws

warning! strong language is used… that being said, why are you playing an M-rated game?

alert! chimera users should disable their cutscene uncap by typing “chimera_uncap_cutscene 0”

warning! gpu will be recommended for this mod as some areas are somewhat demanding. i was using a nvidia gtx 780m when making this.

hint! some cutscenes can be skipped with the jump button, it may take a few seconds for some, so give it a little time before starting or resuming your journey in this perilous campaign.
– Original Release Date: 3/2/19
– Map Name: battlesidegulch_sp.map, x01_andrania.map, x02_indexer.map, x03_op.map, x04_establish.map, x05_captured.map, x06_break.map, x07_carto.map, x08_outbreak.map, x09_tta.map, x10_war.map
– Size: 797mb

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