CMT Evolved Armor Abilities / Player Bonus

– Section: Misc. Tags
– Author: CMT
– Description: This includes an assortment of bonus tags, scripts and data files for player behavior things that never quite made it into The Silent Cartographer: Evolved. These tags require that you have both the “core” and “scenario” tag / script releases. There’s also a quick cute test map for the tags.

Most notable is a scripted armor ability system — actually a suite of systems — which includes these armor abilities by default:
1) Shield Booster — limited-use powerup that lets you recharge your shields on demand. Depletes after two full charges.
2) Portable EMP — limited-use powerup that, after a short charge-up, kills shields on nearby objects (but also kills your shields). Depletes after three uses.
3) Health Regen — passive powerup that gives you limited health regeneration, like in Reach. Allows use of your default ability (like flashlight or VISR) while equipped.
4) Health pack — single-use powerup that instantly refills your health on demand.
5) Active Camo — limited-use powerup that gives you camo on demand. Running increases the chance that enemies will spot you; crouch-walking makes you fully invisible (unless you’re right next to someone).

The CMT Evolved team implemented an armor ability system for TSC:E, but it was cut from the map a few months before release. This is a cleaned-up version of that system. We didn’t think that keeping these in TSC:E was worth the associated resource costs. Also it’s not very good that this system was implemented with scripts — it should have been handled by an Open Sauce extension. (That’s a big part of why we cut them, in fact). But, maybe one of you out there will find this interesting or useful…

This also includes an experimental system to notify the player of nearby health packs when their health is low.

Additionally, there are a few fixes for script components in the prior scenario release.
– Original Release Date: 5/16/15
– Size: 32.4mb
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