DDLC Styled UI for HCE

– Section: UI
– Author: Kinnet
– Description: DDLC Styled UI for HCE
Just drop the file next to this readme “ui.map” into your HCE maps folder, replace it and that’s it, now you have cute lil dokis in the main menu :3 although, maybe make a backup of the stock file?

Thanks to:
MooseGuy (the whole thing is based off his UI project if you couldn’t tell already 😛 so go check his out if you like all those extra menus but not Dokis, Link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6952)
Team Salvato (I guess?)
MosesOfEgipt (Thanks to Refinery I finally was able to rip all the UUI tags without any corruption)
(Sorry if you helped this project in some way and you don’t appear here, I really can’t remember)

Notes: I’m releasing this build ultra early cuz otherwise it’s gonna rot in my hardrive forever without any use since I have 0 motivation to finish it, but don’t worry I will complete it someday (maybe). But in case I decite to continue with the project I’ll add more map support for maps that have been released after the UUI 1.1 .
Known Issues:
– Randonmly crashes about 5% of the time (probably cuz I used OSTA)
– The startup music repeats weirdly when joining a server. (I actually fixed this in the tags but i lost them and the newest build of the UI, so yeah this is a outdated build, but there wasn’t almost anything different in that newer build so don’t be sad 🙂
– (Can’t remember more and Im too lazy to install HCE just to find what’s broken xD)
Contact: kinnet_zero@live.com
YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrH734IOuw2uMbv1uD1Ayg (It’s mostly in spanish and also pretty dead but whatever…)
– Original Release Date: 11/29/18
– Map Name: ui.map
– Size: 33mb
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