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Welcome to CE3 2014 Live!

What is CE3 Live?
We have modders submit their upcoming projects to us and we show it off in our livestream. Much like a version of E3 except for Custom Edition. The pre-show content comes first. This contains our previews and podcasts. Next comes the massive livestream. Come join us at the livestream, join the chat and talk about the projects with the rest of the CE community. Then after the show join us in our CE3 After-show server where we play the showcased CE maps. Once you’re done with that be sure to go back and download the brand new maps released at CE3!

Can I see previous years of CE3?
Of course! You can watch the full livestream for 2013, 2012 and 2011 on youtube.

When is CE3 2014 Live?
It will air either on a Friday or Saturday at 4pm EDT (8pm UTC) in July. It probably won’t be July 4th or 5th (due to July 4th holiday) and it won’t be July 11th or 12th (I’ll be gone). We will put up a poll later to figure out when it is convenient for everyone else. The cut-off date for submissions will be two weeks before the air date.

Where will CE3 be livestreaming from?
We hope to be able to use Youtube this year. If issues arise, we will use Ustream.

What can you expect?
You can probably expect to see Takedown: Extermination and SPv3 there! We will put out quick previews of what you can expect on our youtube channel when we get closer to the air date.

Want to submit your project?

Click here to read all of the rules, types of submissions, and pretty much any other concern you can think about with submitting. Your maps can be a work in progress. You can submit either a map/yelo file or a video file to us! We will recorded a video for you if you submit a map file. We have recorded the trailers for Takedown, Lumoria and many others! We also recorded gameplay for Bigass, Halo StarWars and more!

Podcast #1: Youtube

Discuss on Halomaps.

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