CE3 Crew

As I’m sure many of you know, we (MattDratt & Slow Bullet) have been doing Halo CE3 the past five years to great success. With help from our other Halo CE3 Crew, each year of Halo CE3 just keeps getting bigger and better.

This year, we are now taking our next steps and venturing out past Halo: Custom Edition in itself. We are launching a brand new Youtube channel and website. This is a channel where Bullet and Dratt will put up Let’s Play (solo or together), other podcasts, machinimas, and more to come.

We are launching this channel today with a soft launch. This means that we don’t necessarily have a schedule or content prepared. The channel may become inactive at times while we rework what we want to do with it. Any feedback is appreciated! Also just because something isn’t on the channel now, doesn’t mean we won’t do it later. We are constantly throwing out ideas and shows to each other and we’ll keep trying to see what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks and hope you enjoy,
MattDratt & Slow Bullet

Visit our Youtube: Youtube.com/c/CE3Crew
See the Website: CE3Crew.com
Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/CE3Crew
Follow us on Twitter: @CE3Crew

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