Map Contest

Halo CE Reclaimers Map Competition – Season 2: Art-Pass

With financial backing from @SlowBullet @Neo @Holy Crust

This season is about turning a blockout into a fully arted map. We got a professional level designer with industry experience, @Blaze | Level Design, to design three layouts. Your job as a contestant is to do an art pass on one of these maps. Feel free to go with any theme, it doesn’t even have to be a Halo theme.

When doing an art pass don’t just think about making complex geometry. A distinct style, or excellent readability are good ways to get people to like your map too!

– You get until July 31st 2021 to submit your map.
– Your map is based on one of the blockouts given here:
– Once the deadline for the competition is reached the maps will be played in multiple community gamenights. Once those are over we’ll open it up to a community vote.
– Contest submissions have to be done to (Link content still needs to be updated)
– Include a readme with the following information:
– Your Discord tag(s) Name#0000
– A sentence saying that it is for the Reclaimers Season 2 contest.

– Your map needs to be based on one of the three given Blockouts.
– Contestants need to be part of the Reclaimers Discord server.
– You can only submit one map.
– Teams are allowed, but they will have to figure out how to share the prize among themselves.
– Your map has to be submitted before July 15th 2021 23:59 UTC-12.

Winners will be greeted with these rewards,
– 1st Place: $100 USD
– 2nd Place: $50 USD
– 3rd Place: $25 USD
– Place 1-3 gets a role for being TOP 3 in the season 2 contest.

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