CE3 2010 Live

Note: CE3 2010 was not presented in this order (as this show did not have categories). These projects have been retroactively sorted.

Ambry by Newbkilla | Trailer
MPG3 by iL Duce Primo | Interview
Pitfall by MoooseGuy | Trailer
Geonosis by Koo294 | Gameplay
Blood Creek Campus by Rambo | Gameplay
Sciophobia by SciphobiaRanger | Trailer
Uneven Map Pack by Uneven Elefant | Trailer
Savior by Doompig444 | ViDoc

M16 Assault/Flame Omega FP Animation Reel | Demo

Hog Derby Duels by Darius of West | TrailerInterview
Freelancers Chronicles by Slow Bullet | Trailer
Manual Override by LCRCL | Trailer

Open Sauce by FireScythe | Trailer

Takedown: Project Lawson by MattDratt | Trailer
D-Puzzle by MattDratt | Trailer
Delicon 20’s Truth and Reconciliation by Delicon 20 | Gameplay
Spartan094’s Assault on the Control Room by Spartan094 | Gameplay
Project: Insurrection by MP2SP Team | Trailer
Project Subterfuge by Gamma and ODX | Trailer
Lumoria: Episode One by TM Mapping Team | ViDoc

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