CE3 2016 Post-Show

With Commentary and Chat

TSC:E Multiplayer V1 by Perla117 | TrailerDownload
Asylum Final by Spartan 2507 | Download
Pinnacle by Spartan 2507 | Download
Forgotten & Cross Bridge by ShadowMods | Trailer
Urban by Jesse |
Dreamtrap by R93 Sniper & Spartan DSMT | TrailerDownload (Modern)Download (Classic)
Throwback Map Pack by Dontu | TrailerDownload CenotaphDownload Testament
Halo Custom Edition: Anniversary by Kinnet | Download
10k T&R by PopeAK49 | Trailer
MVM Mental & VKMT Multiplayer by Mental and VKMT | Trailer
BattleCraft HD by Benji-Mod | Download
Trinity Map Pack by (DA)Ender | Trailer
CE3 Stages by CE3 Crew (Past and Present) | Trailer
Blackmoon by Jobalisk | Download
Lone Obalisk by Jobalisk | Download
Forge World by aLTis, Kirby, & Giraffe | Gameplay
Aerial by Fubih | TrailerDownload

Demos and Tags
Spiral’s ODST by Spiral | TrailerDownload
Tags by Spiral and savinpvtmike | TrailerDownload
Sophia J-5 by Moses, Paul Jeong | Download
Health Regeneration script by {NP} Final | Download
Halo Reach Tags by Spartan 2507 | Download
Project Dreamweb by VKNG Mapping Team | Trailer


SPV3 by CMT | CE3
Firefight Descent by MoooseGuy & Pepzee | Halomaps
Firefight Portent by Gamma927 | Halomaps
Takedown: Project Lawson by MattDratt | CE3
Coluseum II by {AHS}SONIC | Halomaps
Project Lumoria by TM Mapping Team | Halomaps

Bigass Final by aLTis94 | CE3
Cliffhanging by Hobbet360 | CE3Halomaps
CMT Snow Grove by CMT | CE3Halomaps
Coldsnap by Tiamat | CE3Halomaps
Death Karts by Yoda, Jawa | CE3Halomaps
Greenfall V2 by Slap Happy & CFStargazer | CE3
H3 Foundry by Jesse & DSalimander | CE3Halomaps
Neophobia Beta 4 by sanni | CE3Dropbox
Nitra by PopeAK47 | CE3
Pandora Swamp by Slap Happy/NerveBooger | CE3Halomaps
Revalations by Selentic, Massacre, and Conscars | CE3Halomaps
Tactics by [EMT] – xXBigDaddyXx171 | CE3Halomaps
YoYo island by Yoyorast | CE3Halomaps
TSC:E Multiplayer V1 by Perla117 | Download
Aerial by Fubih | Download
Dreamtrap by R93 Sniper & Spartan DSMT | Download (Modern)

Everyone’s Doing The Fish by Stuffy Junk | Music Video
Halo: Compliment Edition by (SBB) Storm & Blackbird | Music Video
Hog Derby Duels by dariusofwest/HDP/Stem Digital Network | Trailer

Glassed by Glassed Development Team | Trailer
Installation 01 by I01 Team | ViDoc

Dennis | Interview

Takedown: Extermination by MattDratt | Trailer
Sierra 117 by MattDratt, Jesse, Altheros, VKMT | Video
H2SPP by Kirby | Gameplay
Halo CE: Strategy game variant by {NP} Final | GameplayDownload
{NP} Zealot’s campaign by {NP} Zealot | Gameplay
Firefight: Descent II by Pepzee & Spiral | Trailer
Firefight: Sector 09 by Nickster5000 | TrailerDownload
SPV3 by CMT | ViDoc
Heretic Hunt by Spiral | Interview – Trailer

Bigass V3 by aLTis | Trailer

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