Happy New Year’s!

Happy new year’s, everyone! This is renegade343 (this year’s stage modeler), and I hope your holiday plans’re playing out well.
(If you’re like me, then we’ve to jump back into that pit of hell called school tomorrow… Good luck!)

In Japan (I’m Japanese, by the way), we have a tradition of giving out “otoshidama” (お年玉), or gifts/cash as a present on New Year’s Day.
I figured it’d only be fair if I do the same and give the community a small present, too.

So here’re a hint to show you what this year’s show might look like  -enjoy!


The Stage!

Voila! Here’s the CE3 2013 stage (circa November 2012 with a temporary logo)!

Yes, it’s textureless and is modeled on Google SketchUp. But don’t worry, I’m working with Kozakuu and M16 Assault to finalize the texture and convert the model.


PS: the screenshot does not necessarily reflect the final version of the stage.

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