Submit a Project

Please read all of the rules regarding your submission.

Late projects can still upload their file here. Only upload here if pre-approved by MattDratt. If you need to fill out form still, contact MattDratt.

Significant rules are marked in red.
Not sure if it will be accepted? Submit it and see!

If you are submitting a project, we want to see a rough draft 2 weeks before your deadline. This will help avoid broken rules and we can give you feedback on what we’d cut and why we’d cut it. Hopefully this will help you guys make your projects the best, however, we are not requiring this but heavily recommend.

– If you are submitting a multiplayer map file (we need to make a video for you), you will need to submit your file by August 2.
– If you are submitting a video, singleplayer map file, or tag, you will need to submit your video by August 7.

When you submit your work, please follow all of our guidelines below. Failure to comply may lead to your submission being rejected or returned. Thank you for your cooperation, and have fun making your work!


What can I submit?

You can submit a video file (trailer/gameplay/vidoc), a map or yelo file, and/or screenshots! Your project can still be a work in progress and you do NOT have to release anything after the show!

You cannot submit 3DS Max files of any sort, or projects for non-Custom Edition programs like Unity, CryEngine, Unreal, and Halo Online. Special projects that fall under this must be invited.


How much time do I get during the livestream?

Each person usually get about five minutes in the live stream per section (multiplayer, singleplayer, etc). However, those with multiple projects, depending on quality, may get extended time. This includes the interview, so we may cut parts of it to fit that time limit. This means that, if you do an interview and have a longer trailer, the livestreamed portion of your interview will become that much shorter. Extended, full-length, uncut interviews will be available after the livestream for anyone interested!


What kind of Halo CE related content do you take?

CE3 is divided into five categories for different content: multiplayer maps, singleplayer maps, tags, machinima and applications. Regardless of the format, everything in CE3 MUST be original. Compilations and copies of existing content (i.e. -maps or tags that have already been released) will not be accepted.

For all contents, you can send us either a video/trailer that shows off your custom content, or the map and application itself with screenshots. The CE3 team can make videos for your submission if you do not have the tools to do so.

If your projects(s) is complete, we strongly encourage you to give your file to us before the show so we can have it on our website right after the show. This way, we can ensure that the rest of the community can easily access it from a reliable source.


Multiplayer maps are Halo: CE map files that are created so that users with that map can fight against other players online. If you can load the map by creating a new game online we will define it as a multiplayer map.  All maps must be the submitter’s original work. Simple modifications such as Blood Gulch mods or [h3] mods (or other similar types of mods) will NOT be accepted. Multiplayer map mods with original tags will be presented in the Demo/Tags category (see below), instead of the Multiplayer category. Modified multiplayer maps with new textures or shaders will be viewed on a case by case basis. Please follow these guidelines from HaloMaps to ensure that your map is fully functional.


Singleplayer maps are intended for a single user to play by themselves, while possibly interacting with AI characters. If the command function “map_name” can load the map but it cannot be played on multiplayer servers, it is singleplayer. These types of submissions may include:

  • Modifications to the Halo 1 Campaign with Original Tags and/or Different Gameplay
  • Re-purposed Multiplayer maps
  • Firefight maps
  • Original Singleplayer Level

Campaign modifications that only replace tags and contain original tags will be presented in the Demo/Tags category (see below), instead of the Singleplayer category.
Campaign modifications with original tags and/or a change of gameplay or environments (example: SPV3), will still be presented in the Singleplayer category.


Demo/Tags are individual, custom content that make up a part of a map. These can include:

  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Scenery Objects
  • Shaders
  • Scripts
  • UI maps
  • Mutiplayer or Singleplayer projects where the only changes are tags (must contain original tagwork)
  • Anything else that can be imported into a Halo map

The majority of the content in each submission must be the uploader’s work, no exceptions. These projects must also be shown in-game. For example, you cannot render a first-person animation in 3DS Max to show off; it must be compiled and shown in-game.


Machinima are skits or video presentations that are created using video game engines. Submissions must take place in the Halo: CE game or obviously use a majority of content from it. Trailers, clips, and small “Let’s Play” samples from your show will be accepted. Full episode uploads may be viewed on a case-by-case basis depending on length and quality.


Applications are any external or supporting programs that enhance the playing or modding experience of Halo: CE (such as HAC2 or Open Sauce). Apps must be relevant to modding or playing Halo: CE. We will accept executable files of the program itself or videos showing how your program works. Programs cannot encourage cheating or hacking in multiplayer.


How do I submit my content?

You can submit either a video (see below), map files (.map or .yelo), application files, or screenshots to show us your work. To do this, compress your files into a ZIP or RAR archive, and use one of two ways:

  1. Upload directly to our website during the submission process.
  2. Upload it to a file-sharing site like DropboxMediafire, or YouTube (as an unlisted video) and send us the link to that file.


I am submitting a map file. Will you make the video for me?

Yes, we would love to! If you have problems recording or anything similar, no worries! We have created the trailers for Lumoria Episode 2, Foundry, and the Takedown series, and have recorded gameplay on Bigass, SpleenHalo: Star Wars and more! If you submit tags, instead of making a video, we will demonstrate your tags onstage. You may leave additional notes on your submission file about what you would like to see in the video, specifically, and we will do our best to include that. If you need a suggestion for a program to record with, we recommend Fraps or Shadowplay (please change record settings to ensure high quality).


I am submitting a video. What are my rules?

We encourage that you submit your videos in a standard format, such as MOV, WMV and MP4 in the resolutions below. We do accept unlisted YouTube videos, but a direct file would ensure the highest quality possible.

We will only accept submissions recorded in 16:9, as it is a global standard and the format used for our show.

  • 360p: 640×360 (Minimum)
  • 480p: 856×480
  • 720p: 1280×720
  • 900p: 1600×900
  • 1080p: 1920×1080
  • 1440p: 2560×1440
  • 3840p: 3840×2160

Please export your videos so that frame rates are between 24 and 60 fps. Our livestream will only be rendered out at 30fps due to file size and how most of the animations in Halo are locked at 30fps.

Please do not include lower thirds of your map title/author in your video as we will provide that for you during the show.


What do I do if I want an interview?

Please have a microphone ready, prepare questions for yourself (so we can get ideas what to ask), and make a Skype account. Just check the “Yes” box in the submission when it asks whether you would like to be interviewed, and we will contact you to set up a time.

Please read over this page closely to prepare for your interview!

Also, to ensure the highest audio quality possible and to have a backup against faulty Skype connections, we will ask you to record your own mic. You can do so easily with free programs such as Audacity.


I already released my project, but I’m making an updated version. Can I still show it off?

As long as your project has significantly updated since your last release, we would be happy to let you present. Most of these projects only get very limited time in the livestream, though, since they are already released in an older fashion. You must be the original creator of the previous project.


Additional Notes:

Copyright Information: Copyrighted music and video use is determined by YouTube (as they host our content). In addition, what you can and cannot do with your project is determined by Microsoft, since they are in charge of all copyright things with Halo: Custom Edition. Please review the YouTube copyright rules and Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules. Simply put, if your video would get pulled from YouTube, we will not show it in CE3.

CE3 Video Information: If you submit a video file to use, CE3 has the permission to edit the video as its crew sees fit. We also retain the ability to use that video wherever we see fit in any future productions, even if not CE3 related.

Submission Rejection: CE3 reserves the right to reject your submission at any time without notice.

Air Date: Major CE3 schedule changes are typically announced; however, CE3 still reserves the right to change the livestream air date at any time with no notice.

Map Files: CE3 is permitted to release submitted maps only if “Yes” is checked for permission to release in the submission application; if “No” is checked, CE3 is prohibited from releasing the map, and will NOT release your submission. However, please read internal communication for further clarification on the use of map files.

Interviewing: CE3 reserves the right to make anything you say during an interview public. By accepting a call with MatthewDratt or Slow.Bullet, you understand that any portion of your call may be recorded. CE3 may edit, cut, modify, or otherwise change any portion of the interview audio afterwards.

Internal Communication: CE3 crew members may share any portions of submissions, video footage, interview audio, or other assets for the show amongst themselves to create the best content possible for the livestream. However, they are not permitted to privately disclose them to non-CE3-affiliated persons. Submissions and similar content will not be accessible to anyone other than the CE3 crew, the Storm & Blackbird team (map/yelo multiplayer files for filming help) and the submitter otherwise. CE3 reserves the right to retain submitted content regardless of permission for archival purposes only.

Crediting: Anything presented during the show is the property of the original creator; CE3 will never claim any work submitted as their own.

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