July 29th 2012
That's 2012!
Click here to visit the post-show for polls, extended videos and interviews, and downloads. Also click here to visit the updated about page.

July 18th 2012
Deadline Hit!
Well that's it for submitting projects! Now it's time to do all of those interviews and edit CE3 together!

July 17 2012
Confirmation emails
All CE3 confirmation emails were sent out. If you did not recieve an email, your project was not sucessfully submitted.

July 15 2012
July 17th deadline
The deadline has been pushed back to the 17th of July. Two more days! This is because of the main editors PC won't be up again until Tuesday and some other behind the scenes issues that makes it pointless for the deadline to be so early. We got tons of amazing projects so far and hope to get more with this extended deadline!

July 13 2012
Previews and Deadline!
The deadline for CE3 2012 is July 15th! Submit your projects now!
Also you can check out our pre-show page for some previews of CE3!

July 8 2012
Airing time!
It looks like July 29th at 4pm EDT has won the vote! Click here to view timezones!

July 1 2012
Very important poll! (Round 2)
This poll has been disabled.

July 1 2012
Very important poll!

June 26 2012
Polls are live!
Visit the polls now and vote vote vote!

June 25 2012
CE3 2012 will air live July 28th 2012 at 7pm EDT USA.
Click here to view timezones!
Update: Check the polls and vote on a time!

June 25 2012
Deadlines and polls
The new submission cut-off date is July 15th at 11:59pm Eastern. CE3 2012 will air live on July 28th 2012. You can expect everything to be on youtube in the following days after the show. Also, if you remember last year we had polls, well they are returning and expect them to be up by July 1st to vote on! You can also vote on those until July 15th!

June 24 2012
CE3 2012!
Welcome to the new CE3 2012 website!
Feel free to look around the about page or FAQ, as well as a Pre-Show stuff to tie you over until CE3 2012!
Visit CE3 2011's website!