– Section: Original Multiplayer
– Author: FireDragon04
– Description: After 10 years, I have come back to Halo Custom Edition once more; I am happy to present to you all, Arrival.
Arrival is a medium sized S Shaped canyon divided by Forerunner bridges and structures. I only tested Slayer and CTF on the map and both are good to go.
This map was the final reveal in a large video look back at all 25 maps I’ve made; called Memory Lane, which can be found on

Map Backstory:
Long ago a Forerunner of the Builder rate found this secluded S shaped canyon and called it his home. Over the many years he found seclusion here from the political squabbling within the Forerunner Ecumene, he spent decades turning the once lush natural landscape into an integrate series of structures, towers and bridges. One day near the end of the Builder’s life, a huge ring like object arrived in high orbit around the solemn world he called home. This ring and the ships that guarded it, can still be seen in the sky above the canyon, desolate and lifeless… which juxtaposes the now verdant canyon, where vegetation has begun to take back and reclaim the canyon for its own.

Tree tags by L0d3x (converted from Halo 2)
Lumoria Sky by Concars, edited by FireDragon04
– Original Release Date: 6/23/17
– Map Name:
– Size: 18mb
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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (17 votes, average: 4.53)