Containment Segment

– Section: Original Multiplayer
– Author: Altheros
– Description: A part of a flood containment facility
This map is not complete and still at it’s beta stage but I’ve got no time or no will and motivation to finish it and it fix it’s errors but It’s still playable to these gametypes;
-Team Slayer

It won’t load or play properly if played in other gametypes.

It’s a very small and simple map. It’s part of Halo 2’s level Uprising that I’ve ported and made it to a simple multiplayer map cause It was really easy and effortless to do but turned it a flood containment room to make it more interesting inspired by Halo 3’s Cold Storage.

I am taking a break from Halo cause I have laptop issues and that made me bored of making content for Halo CE and I’ve been busy playing Dota 2 and embracing my asian destiny.

For those who are interested in playing Dota 2 with me and have questions and in need of help with Halo CE modding you guys should contact me in;
Steam –
YouTube –
Twitter –

Credits :
Altheros – Dat boi, Particle Effects, Porting, Tagging, HUD, Scenery, Biped and pretty much everything else
CMT – Effects Effects and tag reference
ZTeam – Weapons and tag reference
Rododo93 – Particles Effects
Jesse – HUD elements and tag reference
Gravemind – Halo 3 content extraction, Adjutant

Special thanks for testing and pointing out stuff to change which I didn’t really changed :
Isamu Schwab
SBB Team
– Original Release Date: 5/1/16
– Map Name:
– Size: 42.1mb
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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (25 votes, average: 4.36)