Contamination Public Beta

– Section: Original Multiplayer
– Author: (DA)Ender
– Description: A big map with Covenant and Human vehicle battles
– Original Release Date: 12/8/16
– Map Name:
– Size: 115mb
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The Trinity Map Pack: In September of 2006 following Extinction’s success I started three new bsp’s as well as a new jet and a covenant jet to try to follow up with the map archetype
I had helped create and tried to go bigger and better.
In contrast one of the the three maps was smaller than anything I had ever tried before with vehicle combat. These maps never made it passed 3ds max because the computer crapped out.
Four years after the release of Extinction and Downflow in 2010 these 3ds max models that had sat dormant were soon to be found. I recovered some old backups off the very pc that had
developed Extinction and Downflow all those years ago and got the three BSP’s ingame. This was before open sauce and after getting the maps to alpha builds, I ran into countless exception
errors, and cache-file size restrictions and other problems. On top of that my computer crapped out on me. The maps and new vehicles and content would again lay dormant until 2015 when once
again I was able to get my backups and tagset restored on a pc that would allow me to use sapien. Open Sauce literally brought a whole new level of possiblities to the table and with
contributions donated from the Halo CE community the maps would again come close to release and with better content, shaders and textures than ever.

Extinction franchise maps are described by massive bsp’s with UNSC vs Covenant themed ship vs ship combat involving huge space vessels. In order, the “Extinction” franchise’s timeline
would go,,,, and follows the demise of two ships, The UNSC Cruiser “Genocide” and the UNSC Frigate Follow The Sorrow.

Supports all gametypes.
Designed for 4-16 players.
Action packed in all game types, there is constant chaos.

The story:
The Covenant have found an ancient forunner facilties in the mountains of Reach and have left the area unglassed.
They have deployed a Scarab as an Excavator. After uncovering and activating the facilties, an artificial lake began to fill and fog rolled into the valleys.
A small elite battlegroup led by Covenant Capital ships with seraphs and the newly developed Vesper fightercraft escorted
the excavation. When The UNSC Frigate Follow The Sorrow came into the covenant’s crosshairs,
it was pure slaughter. Outgunned and severely outnumbered UNSC forces must stop the Covenant from escaping with intel on the artifacts and facilities discovered.
The Covenant, furious by the contamination of their precious activation array ordered the Capital ships not to fire upon or damage the area. The UNSC’s only hope
against the Capital ships lie in the Mass Driver Cannons deployed by the frigate.

-Longsword: Not many things will put down this beast. The Longsword is the one of the most
dangerous things in the air with its powerful rockets and devastating nukes.
Its only weaknesses are skilled snipers, Covenant AA guns and the Scarab.

-Mythos: This is the UNSC answer to the Scarab.
Like the Scarab, it’s rounds will track targets and usually kill things in one shot.
It however has limited defense. It is harder to see than a Scarab and usually goes unnoticed until it fires.
It’s beam is highly unstable anit-matter and, on impact reacts with the kinetic energy of a nuke.

-Mass Driver Cannon: The Mass Driver is a United Nations Space Command weapons system and orbital launch assembly.
The operating principle of the mass driver is essentially the same as that of the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon:
a coilgun that magnetically accelerates a package consisting of a magnetizable holder containing a payload.
Two of these rounds well placed, are capable of taking down a mighty Covenant Cruiser, and most other things in a single round.

-Spartan Laser Assault Pelican: Extremely Powerful and reliable, the pelican is the most resilient dropship on the map.
It uses a laser weapon. In the right hands, it can be more devastating than a Longsword.
This Pelican does not get picked up by the motion tracker. It is very heavily armoured and
it’s only weakness lies in the fact that the cockpit is out in the front and it is easy to snipe the pilot

-Siren Jet: The newest UNSC assault aircraft. It’s weapons are far superior to the T51 Skyhaw.
Boasts two .50 call chainguns and 4 wing-mounted anti-tank missiles. Designed by the USNC to be a dropship killer.
It’s armour is thick, but is still very weak against missiles and plasma.

-Hornet: The Hornet is a vertical take off and landing vehicle (VTOL) that has been in service for over 28 years and serves as the UNSC’s rapid assault and reconnaissance vehicle.

-Scorpion: The M808B Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Scorpion, is a United Nations Space Command-employed heavy ground combat vehicle.
The Scorpion is used for large scale operations requiring heavy firepower or used as a powerful anti-vehicular platform.

-Scarab: The Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform, more commonly known as the Scarab, is a Covenant mobile fortresses. The quadrupedal behemoths are typically deployed
from low- or medium orbit, or from high atmosphere. They are used to attack heavily-defended structures and emplacements, and often lend quick,
but unstoppable support to Covenant troops on the ground.Scarabs are extremely powerful, possessing an exceptionally powerful plasma beam (mounted onto its “head”)
as well as one or two dorsally-mounted anti-air cannons. Their “bodies” are massive and multi-level, and they possess four legs. Unlike most Covenant vehicles,
Scarabs do not use anti-gravity propulsion to move.

-Covenant Gun Tower: The Anti-Aircraft Battery is a Covenant ground-based stationary anti-aircraft emplacement. It fires bolts of plasma that are extremely damaging.
A single round can destroy a GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor, or critically damage a UNSC Frigate.

-Seraph: The Covenant single ship.The Type-31 XMF, otherwise known as the Seraph-class Starfighter, is a widely used Covenant starfighter,
essentially the Covenant’s counterpart to the UNSC’s Longsword-classinterceptor.
Seraphs are small, fast, and powerful. Boastingtwin plasma cannons that fire plasma bolts and secondary plasma torpedoes.

-AA Cloak Wraith:The Type-52 Anti Aircraft Artillery is a variant of the Covenant Wraith tank, but it differs in its primary armament; the Type-52 model is equipped with two rapid fire,
triple barreled Fuel Rod Cannons as its main armament, and is highly effective against nearby air targets as well as ground targets.
The Type-52 shares the Type-26’s secondary plasma turret, a non-detachable stationary turret emplacement fixed at the midsection of the vehicle that is optionally manned for
defense against medium to close range ground targets. This wraith can cloak by pressing ctrl.

-Brute Ghost: This is not your garden variety Ghost, It is faster, more powerful and has more features. Much like the Brute version of the Plasma Rifle, ThIs ghosts weapon fires faster.
Brute Ghosts are the best way to shuttle you around the map, and have capabilities the normal Ghosts can’t even dream of. By pressing the crouch button Brute Ghosts can boost as well.

-Spectre: The Spectre is a multi-sized, multi-troop armored transport vehicle of the Covenant military. The Spectre, like many other Covenant vehicles, has the ability
to rapidly increase its speed with the aid of propulsion drive ,but at the cost of great maneuverability.
It offers two seating positions for additional passengers and thus allows them to add to the vehicle’s firepower with their own weaponry.

-Vesper: Vesper Interceptor, is the Covenant’s special ops space interceptor support craft. It is a vacuum-sealed that is designed for exoatmospheric, and atmostpheric combat.
It is extremely maneuverable and will give even the most experienced jet pilot and fight for survival. It’s primary gun is pulse laser, complimented by a heat seeking fuel rod.

-Banshee: The Type-26 Space Support Aircraft, more commonly known as the Banshee,
is the Covenant’s standard space assault aircraft. It has had slight
modifcations since issue from covenant high command and is most commonly used to assist Seraph fighters in ship on ship space combat.

The Halo 2 Scarab Conversion Team Credits:
Modeling/UVW maps: Jayden, Tiamat
Animations: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Weapons: (DA)Ender
Main Vehicle Tagging: (DA)Ender
Physics: Tiamat, (DA)Ender
Rigging: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Final Rig: Tiamat

Parting words:
Tiamat- from the first day I started mapping, he has been the one I looked up to. Working
with him has been the most enjoyable time ever spent on a computer.I dedicate Genocide to the Legacy you left behind.
You started the “Huge Ass”ault maps and the knowledge you passed down to me will live on.

Jayden- After Extinction and Downflow were released, Jayden and myself started on a few projects that we never finished.
I bring you our vision. I did it buddy. I got all of our beta content finished although it was hard on my own.
Contamination is dedicated to you. OCD FTW!1

=EP=TeeKup- For never ending moral support, models and just good times back in the day.
This project wasn’t the same without you and I dedicate Paradox to you.

ShroomyChiz- My most dedicated and effective beta tester as well as my best friend.
Don’t think I forgot you man! If you’re reading this, thanks for everything.

Dennis of Your website has been my home for ten years. The community still exists today thanks to you. We all owe you thanks.

As Quoted by Jahrain:
This map is unprotected. Feel free to, but not limited to rip, reuse, render, fix, improve, remake,
learn from, or re-release anything contained within this map. Just don’t use it to gain profit in any way,
shape or form without written permission. Also, it would be nice to credit me for anything you release containing my tags,
and to keep what ever map using my tags unprotected as well so that others can learn from or
benefit from them to help make a more productive and friendly development community.

Parting words from Tiamat:
RaWr says:
I like to put the souls of young virgin children in my cerial instead of milk, so I guess were similar
im not so much about the souls of virgin children as i am their soft beating hearts
RaWr says:
they make a nice siddish to just about anything I will admit
goes good with gravey
RaWr says:
only if ithe gravy is made from the tears of a quadrapalegic 8 year old whos parents were killed be a shopping cart accident
you would make a good chef

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