– Section: Original Multiplayer
– Author: PopeTX28
– Description: Hello Halo Custom Edition community! I use to be known as PopeAK49, but now that I have
successfully moved to Texas, it’s now PopeTX28.

Anyways, this is a large symetrical map based on bloodgulch. Basically, the layout is
a giant figure-8. This map was enjoyable to make, and I hope you guys agree.

Also, there is a secret room. Since this map was released on Halloween, it is a
Halloween-based secret room. Basically, you have to ‘plant’ your feet on top of the’slope’
and enjoy the ride ‘down’ to hell. ;D
– Original Release Date: 12/19/17
– Map Name: Hemoasis.map
– Size: 20.8mb
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