CMT’s SPV3 – The Truth and Reconciliation (Map File)

– Section: Modified Singleplayer
– Author: CMT
– Description: This is the .map (backwards-compatible) version of A50, “The Truth and Reconciliation”, from the first release of CMT’s SPv3 mod.

There are two different maps you can download – which one you want depends on whether or not you plan on installing Open Sauce.

The .map (this version) can be played with or without Open Sauce, but is missing several secondary visual and gameplay features that rely on OS scripting and memory boosts.

The .yelo can only be played with Open Sauce, but contains the complete experience. Specifically, it includes:

-Full-resolution textures
-Battle Rifle singleshot/burst shot toggling
-VISR mode
-Features in pause menu for changing Open Sauce-related settings
-Assorted easter eggs

If you have any questions or issues (or want to see this information more in-depth), make sure you read the included CMT Manual first!
– Original Release Date: 2/24/16
– Map Name:
– Size: 182mb
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