SOI’s Singleplayer Adventure (All levels)

– Section: Modified Singleplayer
– Author: SOI_7
– Description:
What is SOI’s Singleplayer Adventure?

SOI’s Singleplayer Adventure is a complete overhaul of the original Halo CE campaign, which provides updated graphics and new features.

What will I find in this mod?

Every single aspect of the original campaign has been changed: characters, vehicles, weapons, even the BSP shaders and the musics. Other than aestethics, you will find also a wide range of weapons, each one with its unique functions. Assault Rifle has an attached grenade launcher (which acts like the Pro-Pipe from Reach), Rocket Launcher has an overcharged mode that fires faster rockets, Needler now is a burst-fire weapon, and so on. Vehicles have been improved as well, and same goes for the encounters and the actor_variants.

So, I’ll just find some modified tags?

Of course not! You will also find some completely custom tags, new vehicles, new enemies and additional missions. You already had a shot of what I mean during the last CE3. You will also find new interesting hard-coded/tagged features, like vehicle boarding, three grenades, equipments and more.

Can this be considered as a CMT rip-off?

Both projects share some aspects, but they have different goals. SPv3 tries to provide its own sandbox with custom tags and enhanced visuals and functions powered by OS. My mod, on the other hand, just gives a new twist on the stock campaign, playing with both innovation and nostalgia. And, most of all, everything uses vanilla tags. No OS used.

Why didn’t you use OS?

It was both a will to see how far I could have gone with the standard tags, and a desire to provide something accessible to everyone.

How did you make your tags?

Most of them are modified versions of existing tags available on Halomaps. The majority comes from Halo CE, 2 and 3. Of course there are other tags, plus the ones I made from scratch. You’ll find all the credits at the bottom of this post.

Are these tags open sourced?

Yep! All the maps are unprotected, and that means that you can rip and use whatever you want!


Firstly, I’d like to thank Advancebo, ShadowSlayer, Zteam, MMAMONSTERRR-D92209, Spartan-094 and everyone who ripped the H3 models that I used as base for my edits. Then, I’d like to thank the Adjutant team for their amazing tool, allowing me to get the resources I needed. I’d like to thank SorrySoldOut, too, for inspirating me with his awesome texture project. Special thanks also to CMT (in particular Teh Lag and Ifafudafi) and Zteam for their amazing tags; Hotcrusher1234 for his knife; DMT-HDoan for their H2 tags; Kommandant for his H3 marines; Rododo for his awesome particles, sceneries and actor_variants; Altis for his grass, particles and Falcon; Bourrin for his H3 Hunter and FP arms; Chocolate Thunda for his stellar HUD elements; Jesse for his H3 HUD; Lumoria team for the Drone animations; Extinction team for the Covenant AA Cannon; Matthewdratt for his dialogues; Beachparty for the original Juggernaut model; Koo294 for his Blind Wolf; Altheros for his contrails; Goldkilla for his Flood stuff; The Doctor for the Anniversary textures and masterchief117 for the Anniversary sounds; benjimod for his plant sceneries; GAIGHER for his sceneries; Peep210 for the Elephant tags; xKRONNiKx for the Albatros tags; ofthehill for his palm tree tags; Some guy from Halo General (?) for his H2 tag packs, and EJ Burke, Arteen, and PopeAK47 for their BSPs.

And, of course, special thanks to Echo77 for his massive suggestions and ideas about weapons and vehicles, Nex for patiently helping me with shaders and bug fixing, and the people from Halomaps who supported me with their feedback: Xtralaos, Dumb AI, Master Noob, xnx, greg079, Bobblehob, Rangerdanger, R93_Sniper, Spiral, Zobieking, Delicon20, 50predator50, MEGASEAN, clonecam117, WWLinkMasterX, TK421 and everyone else who helped me making this project a reality

-With love, SOI


It seems that widescreen on HAC2 causes the exception errors on some maps for unknown reasons. If you have HAC2 installed, type hac_widescreen 0. I suggest also to disable HUD scaling on both HAC2 and Open Sauce, because the mod was not designed with that in mind. I hope to fix it in a future release
– Original Release Date: 5/18/16
– Map Name:,,,,,,,,,
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Download A10 (154mb) – Downloads:
Download A30 (130mb) – Downloads:
Download A50 (140mb) – Downloads:
Download B30 (126mb) – Downloads:
Download B40 (174mb) – Downloads:
Download C10 (139mb) – Downloads:
Download C20 (94mb) – Downloads:
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Download D20 (134mb) – Downloads:
Download D40 (177mb) – Downloads:

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (80 votes, average: 4.71)