Getting Halo CE

For those of you that are just getting started…

We hope you’re enjoying what CE3 and Halo Custom Edition has to offer… and maybe, now, you want to try it yourself. Here’s how you can start playing, too!

Halo Custom Edition is a free Windows game that you can download here.

However, you’ll also need a copy of the regular PC version of Halo if you want to activate it LEGALLY you can get it from here.

Minimum hardware requirements for the game can be found here, but custom content may demand for more capable hardware. Follow the default settings and instructions of the installer to set up Custom Edition.


Congrats, your copy of Halo is installed! …but that’s only the start. If you want the full Custom Edition experience, you should also get the Halo Editing KitMooseGuy’s Universal UI and OpenSauce.

Halo Editing Kit (HEK) is a library of tools that you will need to create your own custom content. If you want to take a shot at making history, it’s never too late to download HEK and start learning!

OpenSauce is a general utility that adds countless features to Halo, including new shader types and automatic multiplayer map downloading. Just download and run the installer, and OpenSauce will install itself just like any other software.

The Universal UI, on the other hand, changes the game’s menu so that custom content can be played more easily. Extract the file and replace the “” file at Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Custom Edition/maps

Once you have those files installed, you can start up Custom Edition! Start your game, find a map or server you want to play in (you can also visit HaloMaps to find single player and firefight maps), and have fun!