HMU Submissions

This is for the HaloMaps Update (HMU) series and NOT for CE3 Live! All files uploaded are expected to be released.

Submit your map to us and we will feature it in HMU and put a download on our website!

– No limitations. Once you submit a map to us, you can do whatever you want with it!

– Submitting multiple maps or a series? We will not split up map files, if you include multiple maps in a single download, so will our download. We will not host map packs. A compilation of multiple already released maps will be rejected.


When submitting, follow these guidelines:

1) You MUST compress your file(s) into an archive like ZIP, RAR, ect… Anything in the FTP not compressed will be thrown out.

2) Include a readme.txt file in every archive. Without a proper readme file, you may not get credited as the author of a map!

3) If you are uploading 3D models or tags you must include a screenshot, render, or ingame image of the model or tag.

4) Multiplayer map files cannot have the same name of an already existing map available from Halomaps or HaloCE3.


By uploading to our website, you agree to our terms and conditions.

DO NOT UPLOAD JUST THE MAP FILE! Combine a readme file and a map file into a compressed file (such as .zip) and upload below.