HMU is the regular series on our YouTube channel where the CE3 crew test-plays newly released files for Halo: Custom Edition.


Submit Maps/Tags/Ect to HMU (for release):

Want to submit maps to us for release? We’ll release a download on our site and show off your map in the next HMU!
DO NOT UPLOAD JUST THE MAP FILE! Please compress a readme file and a map file into a ZIP or RAR file and upload below. MP maps must have unique names. Having issues? You can also submit a link here.
1. Only Halo CE related files or programs.
2. No overly adult content (hardcore porn, etc).
3. MP maps must have unique names. If they match names with another map here or on it will be rejected.
4. ZIP/RAR your files together. Otherwise it will get lost in the upload folder.
5. Include a readme.txt with your name and any other info you want to include about your map.
6. Map packs are OK if (1) they are your own maps and (2) they are brand new unique maps (not already uploaded). For example, you created a campaign mod, you can zip all of the maps together.

Not sure about your file status? Check out twitter regarding rejections.


We now have a brand new file archive. Check it out!

Archived HMU Episodes:

To see HMU video recaps, visit our Youtube playlist here. View archived map lists.

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