Bungie Releases 1.10 Patch

As of now, our CE3’s server will be using the 1.10 patch!

Grab it!
Halo Custom Edition 1.10 Patch – Bungie.net, Halomaps.org, HaloCE3.com
Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Server 1.10 – Bungie.net, Halomaps.org, HaloCE3.com
Halo PC 1.10 Patch – Bungie.net, HaloCE3.com
Halo PC Dedicated Server 1.10 – Bungie.net, HaloCE3.com

Also if you have the unofficial portable version, here is a mirror of some fixes by sehé°°. CE3 has not tested these. Use at your own risk. Original information on this can be found here.

PC Fix.
CE Fix.

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