CE3 2013

Welcome to the official website for CE3 2013!

CE3 stands for the Halo Custom Edition Entertainment Expo, and is a machinima show for the Halo: Custom Edition community. Modeled after the real-life Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) held annually in Los Angeles, CE3 shines the spotlight on new and creative content from the Halo: Custom Edition community. The entire show is created by and for the Halo: CE community. Started in June 2010, the event has evolved and matured annually -content from every past CE3 can be seen on our website and YouTube page. Feel free to sit down, relax and enjoy our community’s history! We accept a wide variety of content! With us, you can show off your videos, trailers, screenshots, tags, maps and external apps! If you can’t make a video, you can send us your files, and we can make a presentation video for you as you wish! Submissions will be accepted starting February 2013, and the live stream is planned to air on July 2013. You can find more information such as our history, submission rules, sneak peeks to this year’s show and more in the pages above. Thank you for taking interest in CE3, and we hope you’ll enjoy our show! -Sincerely, the CE3 Team

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