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CE3 was recently featured by Halo5Follow! That’s amazing and thank you a lot for showing CE3 off! For anyone new to Halo: Custom Edition or CE3 be sure to check out the about page for further questions! What is Halo: Custom Edition? Halo Custom Edition is a free add on to Halo Combat Evolved for PC. Custom Edition allows modders to create their own multiplayer and singleplayer experiences with the Halo 1 HEK tools. And thanks to community additions such as Open Sauce, players are able to create an even more vast experience that would not be possible otherwise in Halo: Combat Evolved. For more about Halo: Custom Edition, along with a ton of maps and an active user forum, visit Halomaps! What is CE3? CE3 is the brand created by MatthewDratt and Slow Bullet (with other crew joining us throughout the years). Our main shows consist of the HaloMaps Update and CE3 Live. With the HaloMaps Update, we show off all of the brand new maps released for Halo: Custom Edition that update. And with CE3 Live, we have modders submit their upcoming projects to us and we show it off in our livestream. The livestream this year airs July 13th at 4pm EDT! Also check out some CE3 2013 previews here or watch CE3 2012 here!

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