News: HMU vs The Archive

As many of you who have visited our website within the last few months may have noticed we have done an extensive overhaul on our map archive system. The previous HMU long page lists have now been replaced with a searchable grid. We are currently going through our backlog of HMU files and adding them to this system.

However, this system now allows much more flexibility within our upload system. No longer do we need to hold back our uploads and push them out when our HMUs come out. That’s why, starting today, maps uploaded to will be available to download before the HMU they are featured in. In other words, if you upload a map today to our website, it will be available to download once approved. HMUs will merely cover the maps that have been uploaded to our archive between the last HMU.

This will allow for files to appear quicker and will allow ease behind the scene so we don’t have to worry about adding the entire HMU to the archive all at once.

You can upload files at


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