Livestream Questions

Welcome to the list of frequently asked questions for this year’s livestream. We hope this helped you answer your concerns, and that you’ll enjoy our show!


What is CE3?

CE3 is a live event we hold every summer to show off new content for the free game Halo: Custom Edition, as well as the name of the brand that’s running the show. You can read more about us by clicking here!


When is the livesteam?

The livestream airs August 20, 2016 at 5pm EDT (United States/Canada Eastern Daylight Time). That’s 2pm PDT (US/Canadian Pacific Time) and 9pm UTC. Check out this map if you want to find the time in your local time zone.
However, our livestream will be available to watch on on our YouTube channel as soon as it’s done. Don’t worry, our show is here to stay online!


Why am I seeing ads?

CE3 does not profit from any of its productions; Some streaming websites may display advertisements over the livestream, but none of their proceeds will come directly to our show or crew. We try our best to prevent ads (such as buying Ustream Pro on Ustream), but due to our limited budget, this can become difficult.


How is the livestream streamed?

We use along with Wirecast to air the pre-recorded machinima-animated livestream. Our event is live, but the machinima itself isn’t… though we wish it was, too.


Why is the livestream not loading?

If the player seems like it is not playing or it isn’t giving you the option to play at the air time, try refreshing or going to the original stream page (which can be found at the bottom of the livestream page). Or make sure that “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer.” is checked in your flash settings.


Why is the chatbox not loading?

Our chatbox uses javascript. If your browser does not support javascript or it is disabled, the chatbox may not show. Try re-enabling javascript or visit the popout chat.


Why is the stream’s quality bad? Why is it lagging?

Your internet may not be able to handle a high-quality stream. Try switching to a stream (Ustream) where you can downgrade your stream’s quality and reduce lag. Simply hit options on the player and choose a different quality to enhance your experience.


Can I watch the show from a mobile device?

Yes! The UStream and Twitch player should work right off of our website on most mobile devices. See our mobile page.
There is also a UStream and Twitch mobile app available.
The chat should also work on most smart devices, but depending on your device, you may not be able to get both to fit onscreen at once.


Can I set my own username in the chat?

Yes, you can! Just sign in as a guest, click the “Settings” button (the gear icon on the top right of the message-typing space), and you can change your username. You may also sign in using Google, Twitter, or Chatwing.


Why can’t I post links in the chat?

We’re really sorry, but we had to disable links to keep people from spamming.


Can I swear in the chatbox?

Yes, but be responsible about what you say. You will not be kicked for swearing in general, but you may be kicked by moderators if you are over-using your privileges. Moderators will be present in the chatbox throughout the event.


How long is the livestream?

1 hour and 45 minutes.


When is ___ airing?

Show Start: 5:00pm EDT
Multiplayer: 5:03pm EDT
Demos: 5:35pm EDT
Showcase: 5:46pm EDT
Machinima: 5:52pm EDT
Applications: 6:06pm EDT
Singleplayer: 6:24pm EDT
Outro: 7:12pm EDT
Show End: 7:20pm EDT


Why are you still using the Chatwing chatbox instead of another chat?

Chatwing does not require users to sign up in order to chat.


The stream and chat don’t fit my screen’s resolution, what can I do?

You can either use the popout chat and visit the stream’s page and align the browsers or, in most browsers, you can find a zoom out option in the settings to make the stream and chat fit.


My question isn’t on here…

Feel free to either ask on the livestream chat or get in touch with any of this year’s crew members. We would be happy to assist you!

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