CE3 2014 Prize

Hello everyone Slow Bullet here! I have amazing news to share with you all today. During the live stream you will have a chance to win a $20.00 gift card to any store you want as long as you can buy a gift code online. To have a chance at the prize you must watch the CE3 stream on July 19th 9PM UDT over at http://haloce3.com/livestream/ During the stream a oddball from halo will appear on screen, when you see it send us at what part of the show the skull was in at, to prize@haloce3.com. The right answers will all be put into a randomizer and then the winner will be declared the next day. You will have 2 hours after the livestream to send the email. any emails after that will be deleted. Remember the email is: prize@haloce3.com

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