Submit to CE3 2014!

If you do not get an email reply (accepted or rejected) within 5 days, something went wrong. Please resubmit. You can also check our twitter for rejected files.

Link Submission!

Upload your files, videos, or anything else to a file hosting website like Mediafire, Dropbox, Youtube (please make video UNLISTED).

Start Link Submission

FTP Upload!

You MUST include a readme.txt file that lists the following: If the following is not included, your project may be rejected.
Your name/team name: Your name/team here
Project(s) name: Your project here
What is your project?: Please pick from: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Demos (tags/scripts/ect), Machinima, Applications, or other.
Email: We will email you when we process your submission.
Briefly describe your project for us: Give us a description about your project.
You may also include the following (optional):
Xfire: Xfire account name.
Can you do interview via skype?: Please include skype account name.
Youtube video description: What would you like us to put when we upload your project to our CE3 youtube page?
If this is a map/yelo file, are we allowed to release it after the show?: Yes or No.

Once you finished your readme.txt file, COMPRESS YOUR FILES into a ZIP, RAR or another commonly acceptable file format. Any files not compressed will be deleted.

Start FTP Uploader

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