Operation Takedown (OS Required)

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– Section: Original Singleplayer
– Author: MattDratt
– Original Release Date: 3/28/20
– Description: Takedown: Extermination is the final level in the Operation Takedown series (Halo: Custom Edition Mod). Go after Patriarchus and find the forerunner weapon. Extermination features 8 mini-levels, all that bring their own refreshing style of gameplay, including a rainy forest, a city island, and a snowy plateau.

Along with Extermination, both The Introduction & Project Lawson have been integrated into the Extermination tagset. You will be able to download all these levels in a single download.

Note: This file requires open sauce, which can be found here.

Download Entire Series (V1.2) – Downloads:

This map is compatible with the Universal UI, which let’s you start the map without going into the console. The series can be found under Campaign > Takedown.

V1.2 has an update for the HUD. V1.1 fixes a potential crash in Rally Point Foxtrot & an issue with Nav Points in Rally Point Iota.

See more at MattDratt.com. Discuss on Halomaps, OpenCarnage, or Discord. You can also >Download Without Data Files (V1.2).

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