Takedown: Project Lawson (Version 1.2)

– Section: Singleplayer
– Author: MattDratt
– Description: Finally… Here it is after all this time, the release of Takedown: Project Lawson. It’s been one hell of a learning experience.
The story is you (Karner) and your partner Kadar infiltrate a rogue Spartan’s organization. This rogue spartan (Lawson) thinks you are joining his organization. As such you are sent on a mission with him. Get inside this forerunner structure and find what Lawson is so eager for inside.
This story follows Takedown: The Introduction, so if you haven’t played that, go play it! (A new re-release version has been released alongside this project!)
Takedown: Project Lawson is a single player map based off the an extended version of the Danger Canyon bsp, as well as some custom BSP. It features complete cinematics as well as a variety of gameplay situations.

Version 1.2 Changelog:
-Bipeds: Fixed an issue that caused the lights on the Spartans to clip
-Weapons: Carbine animations re-adjusted to not clip with a 90 degrees field of view
-Rally Point Alpha: A bug causing Karen to talk over herself has been fixed
-Rally Point Foxtrot: Re-adjusted Nova during the final cutscene
-Rally Point Foxtrot: Patriarchus’ accuracy has been toned down
-Rally Point Foxtrot: Patriarchus’ shields have been lowered
-Credits: Removed survey website
– Original Release Date: 2/23/2015
– Map Name: takedown_projectlawson.yelo
– Size: 300mb(YELO)/366mb(MAPS)
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Download YELO (Open Sauce) – Downloads: Note: This file requires open sauce, which can be found here.
Download MAPS – Downloads:

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (36 votes, average: 4.25)