CE3 Awards 2017: Round One

Round 1 of voting begins! Click here to begin!

Round One will take everything into account. All maps uploaded to our website this year will be eligible! Maps that didn’t make it on the site this year will be pushed into next year’s voting despite original release date.
Round Two will take the top responses and narrow the field down to the best of the best. There will only be multiple choice answers by this point.

Map/Tag list.

If you think I missed something/miscategorized something, just message me. If it seems like a big error, theres always round 2.

Best Modified Multiplayer Map

No idea is original. Well, that’s what some people say. What were the best of the best non-original ideas? These are the multiplayer maps where people took a foundation and added to it.

Best Original Multiplayer Map

These are the ones where people crafted hours over a 3d model, checking every detail, making sure it’s perfect… or maybe. You decide! These are the maps no eye has seen before them.

Best Tag
Without the tags, there would be no maps! These are all of those dang assets that make your next Hugeass mod even more extreme.

Best Modified Singleplayer Map
It’s always hard to categorize these maps. Are modified singleplayer maps singleplayer maps that have existed before but modified, or are they new singleplayer maps but on already existing multiplayer maps? That’s the question that haunts my dreams everytime I have to decide which category to put a singleplayer map into. I dunno. You vote and if something seems off I can always move stuff to a different category come Round Two.

Best Original Singleplayer Map
These are those maps that seem like a good amount of effort was put into them. Even if they are on already existing ground. But then you’ll bitch at me and say one of those Modified Singleplayer maps had a lot of effort put into them and deserve to be in here.

Best Application
There weren’t too many this year so I’m leaving this one blank. Make sure to clearly write down what app you think should be included in the Round 2 voting. Skip if you can’ think of any.

Best Community Member
These are the people who didn’t totally suck this year. Which is always hard to come by. Everyone sucks. I guess these are the people who sucked the less, or did the most sucking? Depends how you see it.

Best Halo CE-Related Youtube Video or Series
People make Youtube videos. Is a single video really good? Or does a channel have a specific series that stands out. If the entire channel IS that series, you can go ahead a just link the channel.

Most Anticipated Project
As projects get bigger, timelines get longer. What is that one darn project that just never releases that you must have now?

Most Promising
This is kinda a “You Deserve an Award” award. This is the project that had a ton of potential/promise but because it was a smaller project, didn’t get the popularity it deserved.
This is limited to (1) Already Released Maps/Tags from this year and (2) Smaller/Less Popular Projects. Considering that 2nd part is kinda subjective, you go ahead and interpret it in your own way and when it comes to round two, we’ll clean up the obvious no-nos.

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