Gamenights this weekend!

Map list follows:

Halo StarWars – Thread | Halomaps
Aquarii – Thread
H3 Foundry – Halomaps
CMT G3 Augur – Halomaps
Hydrolysis – Halomaps

Yoyorast Island V2 – Halomaps
Z Coagulation H2 pb2 – Halomaps
bc_raceway_final_mp (race) – Halomaps
rainbow-road (race) – Halomaps
Hyrule Field – Halomaps

Ambush – Halomaps
Olympus Mons – Halomaps
Casualty Isle – Halomaps
Mystic – Halomaps
Headlong PB2 – Halomaps

Objection? Suggest a better and far superior map and we might change.

Common questions:
When is the gamenight?
February 15th at 2pm EST and February 16th at 7pm EST.

Will you change up the times next gamenight to [insert time here]?

Why Yoyorast Island V2?
The original still has 24/7 servers that get filled all the time. If you want the original, join those. If you object to yoyo in general, please present a better map suggestion.

See you there!

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