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Last updated on November 13th, 2015.


Halo: Custom Edition is, at the end of the day, is only as good as the amount of effort that modders put into it. In other words, if you want to start modding, then you’ll want to have all the tools you will need and truly understand how to realize what you want to make.

Well, don’t worry! All of the following tutorials are CE3 approved and are up to date (as of the last update)!

Take a look below to download the most common tools used for modding, as well as tutorials that teach how to make what you want!



These programs are considered the essential standards for creating or editing custom content for Halo: Custom Edition. It would be a great idea to have all of these installed if you want to get your hands dirty, too.

Engine Tools:

3D Modeling Program:

Image Editor:



Level Creation:

Getting Started

Author: PopeAK49
Covers: Level Creation
Software: 3ds Max, Sapien, Guerilla, Tool, Other (See tutorial)
Description: Learn how to get started creating your own level in 3ds max as well as getting a handle on the tools.
Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
Links: Youtube (Part 1 – Getting Started)Youtube (Part 2 – Modeling and Texturing)

Higuy’s Terrain Tutorial

Author: Higuy
Covers: Level Creation
Software: 3ds Max
Description: Higuy shows you how to model a terrain for Halo CE.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Links: Vimeo


How to make a HUD

Author: Jesse
Covers: UI
Software: Guerilla, Paint
Description: Learn how to create your own user interface in a few steps.
Difficulty: Beginner
Links: CE3


AI Following the Player

Author: MattDratt
Covers: Scripting
Software: Sapien, Notepad
Description: Learn how to get the AI to follow the player.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Links: Youtube

Setting up a SinglePlayer Map and Scripts

Author: MattDratt
Covers: Scripting
Software: Sapien, Notepad
Description: Start to create your own singleplayer maps with a few easy steps.
Difficulty: Beginner
Links: Youtube


Proper LOD Creation

Author: MosesofEgypt
Covers: LODS
Software: 3ds Max, Guerilla
Description: Learn how to properly apply LODs to your Halo models.
Difficulty: Advanced
Links: Halomaps

Beating Map Protection Tutorial

Author: DSalimander
Covers: Map Protection
Software: See tutorial
Description: This is a PDF tutorial (with hires images) on how to get past map protection
Difficulty: Beginner
Links: HalomapsMediafire

Using Aether

Author: ?
Covers: Lighting
Software: 3ds max, Aether, Sapien
Description: Learn how to render out lightmaps with aether
Difficulty: Advanced
Links: CE3 Mirror

OS 4.0 Directional Lightmaps

Author: TheFieryScythe/Kornman
Covers: Lighting
Software: 3ds max, Sapien, Guerilla, OpenSauceIDE
Description: Learn how to render out directional lightmaps for OS 4.0
Difficulty: Advanced
Links: BitBucket

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