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Welcome back to the seventh and final year of CE3!

Check out the brand new trailer!

What is CE3?
At CE3 Live we have members of the Halo: Custom Edition community submit their upcoming projects to us and we present them to thousands of livestream audiences every summer. This will be our 7th year making CE3. If you’re working on a project, check out below on how to get your project in. Otherwise just wait and relax for CE3 live this summer and come check it out.

Is 2016 really the last year?
Yes, but we’re hoping to make this year the best yet. We are airing the show in August to give the creative community the most time available in the summer to work on their project. We also have an earlier deadline for map/tag files so we can have more time to make impressive presentations for every project.

August 2nd at 11:59pm EDT – Map/Tag file deadline.
August 6th at 11:59pm EDT – Video file deadline.
August 20th at 5pm EDT/9pm UTC – CE3 2016 air lives! Head on over to our livestream page.

To submit your project, read over the rules at submit.haloce3.com then either upload your project or submit a link to it!

This year, we’re changing the rules for submission slightly. You can only submit videos in the 16:9 aspect ratio. This allows us a smoother editing process and a much better CE3. We would also love if you submitted a draft to us while working on your project. We can offer feedback on what we think the audience would enjoy and what we’d end up cutting. You can submit drafts through the website or contact MatthewDratt on Skype/Halomaps or shoot an email to “matthew@mattdratt.com”. If you do not have a 16:9 monitor, add -vidmode to your Halo: CE shortcut and add a 16:9 resolution (-Vidmode 1920,1080,60) or add -window and pick a 16:9 resolution once ingame. A list of resolutions can be found on the rules page.

Do you want a fancy trailer in CE3 but need one filmed? We do film footage if you submit a map/yelo file, however, the number of trailers we will edit is limited, so first come first served. We have edited gameplay and trailers for Bigass, Halo StarWars, Halo: Revolution, Firefight: Portent II, Lumoria: Episode 2 and much much more!

Visit submit.haloce3.com for all of the final rules and then once you’re ready, zip up your video file, maps, or tags and either send us a link or upload it on our website. We would also love to do interviews, so if you have a mic or smartphone with Skype, just check “Yes” in the submission form or contact us (MatthewDratt or Slow.Bullet on Skype) and we’ll set up a time.

Previous Years
We’ve been doing CE3 since 2010. Around this time, a lot of people were saying that this community was dying or lackluster. While watching E3 in 2010, MattDratt and Slow Bullet came up with the idea for Halo CE3 Live: a livestream to showcase the mods of Halo: Custom Edition. Over the years, we’ve had many people join our crew such as Kozakuu, Renegade343 and M16 Assault.

Check out the previous year livestreams!

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And Thank You…
…for 3,000 subscribers! This makes us the most subscribed Halo: Custom Edition dedicated channel that is still active!

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