Livestream – Ustream (Chat Under Video)

CE3 2016 will air August 20th at 5pm EDT

After the show at 7:20pm EDT, join us on our server!

After the show, click here to take a survey and have a chance of winning a CE3 care package with physical goodies.

Choose a streaming provider: UStream // Twitch // Youtube

Move chat to side.

Is your chat not loading? Click here to open the chat in a new window.
Feel free to chat as a guest! Remember to change your name under settings too!

Have questions about the date/time? Here are air times in cities around the world and a map view of time zones.
Have questions about the live stream? Check out this page for answers!

Chatroom rules:
– NO LINKS ALLOWED. Don’t post any link
– Do not instigate others.
– Try to stay on a relative topic.

Disobeying the rules may result in a ban that could last the entire show.

For users on mobile devices, we recommend that you view the stream on the providers’ original websites. Click below on your preferred host.

Youtube Ustream Twitch


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